Secret Stories - October 6th 2021



Connie Lauren
Alleged Girlboss

Connie Lauren is the alleged head of a small organized crime syndicate in Dayton, Ohio, and currently awaiting trial for drug trafficking. According to the charges against her, she ran the operations from the fast food joint Jenny’s. A stable in the community, the diner was open 24/7, but court records show that most deliveries were made between 1-4am, and often to a nearby pay-by-the-hour motel.


Fig. 1. — Handwritten note entered into evidence.
Conspiracy of Silence - Connie Lauren, Alleged Girlboss 

When locals are asked about Connie, most refuse to believe the innocent girl they grew up with could be behind something so salacious. “She was just a waitress. There’s someone else behind this,” says a regular who wishes to remain anonymous. Since the charges, the establishment has changed the slogan to “Criminally good chicken,” which garnered such widespread coverage that Jenny’s now has a line around the block with locals and out-of-towners eager to satisfy their cravings. Rumour has it that the nuggets and tenders are laced with crack, but lab reports support no such findings.

Fig. 2. — Bambi is said to have been Connie’s right-hand woman.

Fig. 3. — Parker, an employee at Jenny’s. His involvement is unknown.


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