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To submit your portfolio for consideration, please include a short description of your practice and how it could fit with Please Don’t Tell.

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Product submissions

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We work with artists and creatives from around the world to develop cultural content worth talking about.

Our Philosophy

Please Don’t Tell is a creative collective dedicated to producing content that satirizes, questions, and explores dominant tropes in culture. We are structured to allow maximum individual freedom for collaborators while keeping in line with our modus operandi. Our signature style is rooted in storytelling and draws from cinema, fashion, and graphic design to develop an ever-expanding universe of interrelated narratives.

Collaborator profile

Ensuring the right fit

Please Don’t Tell consists of artists who are passionate about storytelling and wish to use their skill set to expand the world of our cast of fictional characters. Whether you’re a writer, product designer, musician, your talent should be relevant to the themes, values, and tone of Please Don’t Tell. To familiarize yourself with our universe, please take a look at our stories.

Product profile

Our shop carries products and limited-edition objects produced by Please Don’t Tell as well pre-existing products that fit our aesthetic guidelines and concerns. If you wish to submit a product (apparel, zine, prints, etc.), please include a brief description of the product and your practice, as well as its relevance to Please Don’t Tell.

Opportunities for collaborations 


Our editorials showcase a diverse cast of fictional characters that often interconnect as visual narratives. Each editorial is brought to life through an imagined biography, photography and design elements. The stories are developed by core collaborators but are open to submissions.


The world of each fictional character often has a shoppable component in the form of apparel, music, or a limited-edition object. We are currently looking to develop relationships with artists who are interested in taking a leading role in expanding the worldbuilding of an individual character in our cast.


Our editorial section focuses on broader research and experimentation in a variety of artistic disciplines. Whether it’s an artist profile, long-form article, or featured artworks, this section pivots from an occupation with the fictional to the so-called real in order to create a bridge between the two spheres. If you think your work is relevant to our universe and want to be featured, please submit it to
[email protected]


We organize group shows and create opportunities for our collaborators to showcase their works whenever possible. Whether it’s a pop-up exhibition, virtual experience, or artistic happening, we are currently looking for producers with hands-on experience in this field.

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