Secret Stories - October 6th 2021

Oxycontin Blues

Cassandra Fox
Casualty of Nostradamus

Cassandra was born in Nebraska and raised by a single father who said her existence was written in the stars so there was no use reaching for them. He taught her everything there was to know about life: shut up, you’re just like your mother, you’ll never leave this town. And sure enough, his prediction came true. When he got drunk, he called himself Nostradamous and bragged about his psychic abilities to everyone who would lend an ear—which was no one, but they did it anyway, fearing his temper.

Fig. 1. — Cassandra’s best friend, Kit-Kat.

Oxycontin Blues - Cassandra Fox, Casualty of Nostradamus

With nowhere to go, Cassandra escaped through other means and began self-medicating, substituting one addiction for another: smack for sugar, self-obsession for self-help, and sex for shopping. And while some pursuits were less hazardous than others, they all ended in disaster: financial ruin, social isolation, or physical injuries. Eventually, she sought help from a therapist, but found it difficult to bare her all. She had never confided in anyone, afraid it could be used against her. After two years of giving her therapist the involuntary silent treatment, the levees broke, and she talked incessantly. Pleased with her progress, the therapist indulged her, even going over the designated hour, but eventually had to tell her that she could not schedule an appointment more than once a day.

Fig. 2. — She wore a men’s cologne to feel like guys were all over her.

Fig. 3 — Cassandra’s secret stash of jelly beans.