Secret Stories - October 6th 2021


The Jefferson’s
All-American Family Band

The Jeffersons is a family band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, consisting of Terry and his three daughters, Dixie, Molly, and Clarabelle. Terry is tone deaf and the daughters’ only musical education stems from calling customer service numbers and listening to music on hold. Eventually, the family’s landline was terminated, after they had accrued a debt of more than $51,000 in unpaid bills. Terry maintains a positive attitude, “It’s still cheaper than tuition at Juilliard.” The strange story made it into a local newspaper and Terry became celebrated for his unorthodox pedagogical approach.

Fig. 1 — A selection of pins which helped make The Jeffersons' fortune.


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Fig. 2 — Screen printed promotional posters from a tour that never happened.


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Americana - All-American Family Band

The Jeffersons became mini-celebrities overnight and managed to book shows in concert halls across America and used the profits to pay off their debt. The tour was marketed as a world tour, although all venues were in the lower 48. All the concerts were subsequently cancelled due to a global pandemic, but luckily, tickets were sold as non-refundable. As of this date, the group has no songs and has never played a live concert, yet have become millionaires by selling tour merch like t-shirts, posters, pins, and zines. It is the only case of a musical group who made millions as a result of a global lockdown. They are currently at work on their first song, “Remember the Pavement.”

Fig. 3 — Poster depicting Molly and her instrument.


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Fig. 4 — A limited-edition zine that offers further insight into The Jeffersons story.


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Fig. 5 — The Jeffersons have yet to complete one song,
yet have names for all the songs on their (possibly) forthcoming album.

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