We empower creative minds to expose their true identity by bringing immersive experiences through fine art and lifestyle collectables inspired by the infinite lives of fictional characters.

Please Don’t Tell is a collaborative studio that celebrates all corners of the creative mind. Why should imagination be infantilized? Through the power of unparalleled storytelling, PDT permits you to embrace the eccentric joys of a fictional reality. We pride ourselves on an unabashed, open-minded approach to culture. It is our mission to change the way we consume and view art. The ‘art world’ is becoming increasingly impenetrable. Large dealers and institutions are fencing off creativity and saving it for the highest bidder. PDT challenges this and exists as an exclusively inclusive artistic microcosm. In PDT, the past and present collide. Time is a social construct anyway. We take our cues from 20th-century cinema, advertising, contemporary fashion, and modern art.


PDT is more than a dealing and sharing platform - we believe art should be an immersive experience. PDT artists and writers are passionate about using their creative flair to tell vivid stories. Our collaborators conceive fictional characters which form the foundations of the PDT universe. Detailed biographies materialize these imaginary stars. We follow their journeys as they navigate the turbulence of dystopian Western culture. Each story is documented by fine art photographs or short films, creating an immersive experience. These visual narratives provide a purposeful satirical commentary on various contemporary socio-political themes, making them compelling both visually and intellectually. PDT sits at the epicenter of fashion, art, and cinema. Our protagonists surge into the third dimension through objects, including fine art photography, apparel, and film.