Featured - August 11th 2021

TS-05 / Secrecy Study Report Vol. 1


Truth always has ulterior motives. The battle of the sexes is a proxy war fought by algorithms, political exposés are red herrings, a forest of surveillance cameras obscure the view. Semiotic invisibility is the name of the game. The real is something you stumble upon.

Keep walking.


We were ready to sign the contract, but it never arrived. Daddy says it’s probably because of the lockdown. Now our dreams are on hold. Like when I call the label to hear if there’s any news. They never pick up. But I don’t mind, because they play really good music while I’m waiting.

I hope one day they will play our songs. I’m worried that the phone company is going to disconnect the line because Daddy hasn’t paid the bill in six months, and then how am I going to listen to music?

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